Distant Healing - Penyembuhan Jarak jauh

Through this blog, i would like to offer Reiki Tummo distant healing service for any one of you or your familiy members that need to be healed from any physical or non physical problems. I hope this blog will be useful for you & may God bless you all :)!

Melalui blog ini, saya menyediakan pelayanan penyembuhan alternatif jarak jauh dengan Reiki Tummo untuk anda atau keluarga anda yang membutuhkan kesembuhan dari masalah fisik maupun non fisik. Semoga blog ini memberikan manfaat untuk anda & semoga kita semua dapat selalu menerima semua yang terbaik dan terindah dari kasih sayang Tuhan :)!

Reiki Tummo Healing

Eventhough Reiki Tummo is an effective technique to help you improving your non physical or physical health, but as a Reiki Tummo practitioner, I will not claim my self as a healer, because in Reiki Tummo healing technique, we all will learn to realize better that the real & best healer is always The Divine Source. That's why in this healing technique, we all have to surrender to The Divine Source as good as we can, and let The Bless works properly to both of us (practicioner & patient) in order to get the best result just the way The Divine Source want us to be.

Here are the Reiki Tummo healing's advantages :
  • Energizing your body, getting fresher & healthier
  • Curing any deseas & recovering naturaly
  • Reducing your daily stress & calming your mind & heart
  • Cleansing negative energy from your body
  • Enhancing your sleep quality
  • etc