Distant Healing - Penyembuhan Jarak jauh

Through this blog, i would like to offer Reiki Tummo distant healing service for any one of you or your familiy members that need to be healed from any physical or non physical problems. I hope this blog will be useful for you & may God bless you all :)!

Melalui blog ini, saya menyediakan pelayanan penyembuhan alternatif jarak jauh dengan Reiki Tummo untuk anda atau keluarga anda yang membutuhkan kesembuhan dari masalah fisik maupun non fisik. Semoga blog ini memberikan manfaat untuk anda & semoga kita semua dapat selalu menerima semua yang terbaik dan terindah dari kasih sayang Tuhan :)!

About Reiki Tummo

Reiki is a kind of an ancient healing technique. Reiki means Universal Vital Energy, So In general, Reiki is a technique of how to channel universal vital energy for your own self or others. Reiki is not about magic, the way it heals is similar with accupuncture that stimulates the Chi ( Vital energy in human's body) to flow properly until the natural ability of the body to heal itself will be able to function again, so the health of physical body will recover. Reiki is not only working well for physical body, but also better for non physical body (mental & emotional) because Reiki has calming effect to your mind & soul too :)

Now, what is Reiki Tummo? Reiki Tummo is very special kind of Reiki technique, it is not only about healing technique using universal vital energy but it is also about connecting your heart to The Divine Source, to be able to have more peace, calmness & joy in your daily life, to realize more about the blessing of The Divine Source. If you want to know further about Reiki Tummo, please visit www.reikitummo.com or www.padmacahaya.com :)