Distant Healing - Penyembuhan Jarak jauh

Through this blog, i would like to offer Reiki Tummo distant healing service for any one of you or your familiy members that need to be healed from any physical or non physical problems. I hope this blog will be useful for you & may God bless you all :)!

Melalui blog ini, saya menyediakan pelayanan penyembuhan alternatif jarak jauh dengan Reiki Tummo untuk anda atau keluarga anda yang membutuhkan kesembuhan dari masalah fisik maupun non fisik. Semoga blog ini memberikan manfaat untuk anda & semoga kita semua dapat selalu menerima semua yang terbaik dan terindah dari kasih sayang Tuhan :)!

How To Receive

In order to get the best result in this distant healing service, please follow these steps carefully :
  • Make your self in relax condition and let go all the tension, at least prepare it 5 minutes before the receiving time ! You may sit on the chair or sleep on the bed to receive it.
  • Close your eyes to help you relax better.
  • Open your palms and lay them down upon your thigh, facing up ward.
  • Pray with your heart to The Divine Source, to be blessed, guided & helped to get the best result from this distant healing service. Please pray with all of your feeling and surrender your whole self to The Divine Source :)! This is the main key, because the result of this distant healing service is also depending on your surrendering quality.
  • Intent to receive the Reiki Tummo energy from this distant healing service, without forcing your mind to concentrate or visualize anything, just relax & smile sweetly :)!
  • While you receiving the energy, all you have to do is : Relax...., smile freely & sweetly...., surrender your heart & your whole self to The Divine Source,... and enjoy the calmness within your heart or you can pray within your heart.
  • (Optional) You may listen meditation or any relaxation music to help you to be within deep relaxation. Use the searh engine below to find this kind of music if you don't have one, try to use these keywords : meditation music, new age music, relaxation music, music therapy etc.
  • After 45 minutes the healing session is finish
  • Open your eyes & move your body slowly, then pray to The Divine Source to thank all of the blessing that given.